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Our passion is to improve and prolong life of people suffering with serious illness. And this is what drives our research and development efforts.

Bills Biotech is at the forefront of commissioning its manufacturing and research and development facilities. In coming months as our R&D division takes shape, we will be engaging in discovering and developing ways to treat and prevent life threatening illness like heart diseases, obesity, challenges associated with organ transplant.

We have an uncompromising attitude for innovation and safety, the two pillars of our research that will deliver the future of medicine we bring. As our Research and Biotechnology units progress their portfolios we make sure they have access to the industry's best supporting scientific services, clinical and development talents.


Bills Biotech is committed to living its values. Among our values is adopting total quality management and assurance mechanism in all our activities to deliver no compromise quality products to our customers. Our quality assurance mechanism stands on three principals:

Good laboratory practice
Good manufacturing practice
Good clinical practice

Bills Biotech once into operation will also be ISO standards compliant. As we build our manufacturing facility we are putting high emphasis on regulatory environment required, have started framing stringent quality measures to control quality in production, enrichment, purification, storage or transport process.

Regulatory Compliance

Our regulatory compliance activities are rooted towards complying with various national and international drug manufacturing standards, and that ensures good scientific and technical performance. Our regulatory compliance process also ensures full documentation and audit trail is maintained for variety of regulatory requirements and businesses process.